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British Aikido Board

Policy toolkit


In the interim, please access information from the table below.

If you require further information then please contact your Club Welfare Officer, Association Child Protection Officer or the BAB Lead Safeguarding Officer.

Anti - Bullying PolicyMarch 201013-10-2011
Appendix J to the BAB Child Protection PolicyRevised Jun 200813-10-2011
BAB Case Management & Streering Groups minutes April 2020Ver 119-05-2010
BAB Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy (CSPP) See supporting Document ListJuly 201529-04-2018
BAB Child Safeguarding Policy - (October 2010)October 2010 Version 1.113-10-2011
Changing Room Policy - Including Club responsibilities after a training sessionMarch 201013-10-2011
Child Transport PolicyMarch 201013-10-2011
Club Welfare Officer Support Pack to Accompany CPSU Safeguarding DVDVer 120-04-2010
Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosures and Independent Authority RegistrationMarch 201022-03-2010
Dress CodeMarch 201022-03-2010
Drugs and Weight Management - Sport AikidoMarch 201022-03-2010
Electronic CommunicationsMarch 201022-03-2010
Guidance on Children and Adults on the mat togetherMarch 201022-03-2010
Information Sheet - Complaints or Allegation against BAB MemberVer 1 Dec 200914-01-2010
Inportant Information re CRB Checks Decmber 2009Dec 200922-01-2010
Joining a Club - Suggested Welcome letter to Parents & ChildrenMarch 201022-03-2010
Photographic and Image PolicyMarch 201013-10-2011
Recruitment and DBS Guidance5th May 201610-03-2017
Relay Issue 10 - Child Protection in Sports Unit NewletterAutumn 200906-11-2009
Role of the Association Child Protection OfficerMarch 201022-03-2010
Role of the BAB Child Protection Case Management Group (CMG)March 201022-03-2010
Role of the BAB Child Protection Steering GroupMarch 201022-03-2010
Role of the Club Welfare OfficerMarch 201022-03-2010
Safeguarding - Action to take if the incident occurred inside the sport (flow chart)March 201022-03-2010
Safeguarding - Action to take if the incident occurred outside the sport (flow chart)March 201022-03-2010
Safeguarding - Late Collection PolicyMarch 201013-10-2011
Safeguarding - Missing Child PolicyMarch 201013-10-2011
Safeguarding - The Coach Code of Conduct and responsibilities within their relationship of trustMarch 201022-03-2010
Safeguarding Incident Report FormMarch 201022-03-2010
Safeguarding Recruitment Policy - Volunteers & EmployeesMarch 201022-03-2010
Supporting document for BAB Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy (CSPP)29 April 201829-04-2018
The law on smacking children (From Children`s Legal Centre)None06-11-2009
Useful Child Safeguarding Contact Details - (Information sheet for clubs)March 201022-03-2010
Vetting and Barring Scheme GuidanceOctober 200906-11-2009
Vulnerable Adults Info Sheet22/9/201122-09-2011


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