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British Aikido Board


BAB Associations are responsible for implementing all guidance and mandatory requirements in the BAB Child Safeguarding Policy. Other than in exceptional circumstances, the BAB has no direct governance over individual aikidoka ‘members’ and therefore Associations, through their Committees, Principals or other governance structures, must ensure they have robust procedures in place to ensure all safeguarding requirements are effectively communicated and implemented.

This communication strategy must embrace all club members; children, parents, coaches, helpers – as well as committee members. To support this effective communication and implementation process, all BAB Associations who have under-18s in membership must have an Association Child Protection Officer [ACPO].

To view an Association Safeguarding ‘check-list’ click here

You can view/download the BAB’s Child Safeguarding Policy by clicking here.

At present the policy is undergoing a full review and will soon be available in Toolkit format.

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