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British Aikido Board

Club Check list

Requirements for a BAB Affiliated Club with under 18s in membership:

All BAB Associations and their affiliated Clubs must adopt this BAB Safeguarding Policy and any future versions of it. All Clubs (through their parent Association if appropriate) should formally adopt the BAB Safeguarding Policy in their Constitution, Rules, Articles of Association or other governing documents, and the following wording is suggested:

This Club will ensure a duty of care to all its members by adopting and implementing the BAB’s current Safeguarding Policy and procedures.

The method you choose may to some extent depend on the structure of your organisation. Some Associations comprise just one or two clubs; others have many clubs spread across a wide geographical area. Whichever method you choose to adopt the BAB’s Safeguarding policy and its procedures, you must ensure that the ‘message’ is effectively delivered at grass-roots club level.

The BAB also requires all affiliated Associations and their Clubs to demonstrate their duty of care by:

  1. Recruiting a Club Welfare Officer (and ideally a deputy) for each Club offering training sessions for under 18s.
  2. Ensure the CWOs attend the required training: Sports Coach UK’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) and the BAB’s Time to Listen course (currently being phased in for CWOs)
  3. Promoting a safeguarding culture and having clear processes and procedures in place for dealing with allegations or concerns.

Having in place (and implementing) the following guidelines and procedures:

  • Safe Recruitment Policy for staff and volunteers
  • Coaching Code of Conduct
  • Whistle Blowing Policy
  • Anti-bullying Policy and procedures for dealing with bullying
  • Photography: video and use of images Policy
  • Transport and events Policy (including procedures for managing children away from the Club if applicable)
  • Supervision of Children Policy
  • Missing Children Policy
  • Social media and e-safety Guidelines
  • Equality Policy

and additionally their own

  • Codes of Conduct for parents/carers and their children
  • Health and Safety guidelines
  • Disciplinary and appeals mechanism
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