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British Aikido Board

In December 2012 the Independent Safeguarding Authority [ISA] and the Criminal Records Bureau [CRB] merged to form the Disclosure and Barring Service [DBS]. This organisation provides a service in England and Wales (Click the links for information relating to Scotland and Northern Ireland). This means that CRB checks have now been renamed as DBS checks.

  • The DBS has issued new guidance on what type of work (paid or unpaid) will fall into Regulated Activity
  • There is a new ‘list’ which contains the names of people who are barred by the DBS from working with children. People who are on this list may not work (or seek to work) in Regulated Activity
  • There is now only one copy of the DBS Disclosure Certificate  issued, and this goes direct to the individual person applying for the check.
  • As from June 17th 2013 there will be an on line ‘update service’. This means that you may no longer need to obtain repeat DBS checks as long as your circumstances do not change. (You may hear this system referred to as ‘portability’) You register for the Update Service on the DBS website.
  • The BAB “rule” is that DBS checks must be repeated every three years. Those who register with the Update service will be able to supply those details to the BAB and, if their status is unchanged, will not normally have to undertake a new check.


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