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British Aikido Board

Associations are the primary ‘affiliation’ point within the BAB’s governance structure. Generally speaking, the BAB has no direct governance over individual aikidoka (although the BAB may invoke disciplinary/suspension procedures in certain circumstances).

In practical terms, this means that the Association is the Member of the BAB, rather than the individual club members. This therefore means that Associations are responsible for ‘policing’ their own clubs and members to ensure the whole organisation is compliant with the BAB’s mandatory policies and procedures*.

Associations offering training sessions to under 18s should appoint an Association Child Protection Officer [ACPO].

The ACPO should then work with individual dojos to assist them in appointing Club Welfare Officers (CWOs) where classes are offered to under 18s

The ACPO should be the main point of contact for all matters relating to safeguarding. Heads/Principals should be understand that ACPOs may need additional support and resources as to fulfil this role

*All policies and procedures can be viewed on here.


  • Work with your  CWOs to ensure all that you have identified all roles that fall within the scope of Regulated Activity [RA] and therefore require you to undertake an Enhanced DBS check and Barred List check
  • As above – but identify roles which are not in RA but are still eligible for an Enhanced DBS check without a Barred List check
  • Ensure that DBS requirements are communicated effectively throughout your organisation.
  • Keep a master log of all checks undertaken.
  • Encourage and support all applicants to register for the DBS update service which is free for volunteers. Click here for more guidance.
  • Please click read the “Single Disclosure” information page to ensure your applicants understand the process. As it will be a criminal offence to allow a barred person to work in regulated activity, you may need to delay employment / deployment until the recruitment process is complete – or put appropriate supervision in place.

The BAB is fully aware that taking instructors and helpers through a full recruitment process is perceived by some Associations as challenging at best – and pointless at worst! Please read this article by Dee Masters of Ken Shin Kai  as proof that it can be done – successfully and relatively painlessly

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