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Hakama Bags

Message from Quentin Cooke Aiki Extensions

I don’t know if its of interest, but I have designed some hakama bags which specifically protect your hakama from dirt in between practices, keep your hakama neatly folded and to allow it to breath and wick out any moisture accumulated from that full on practice.

2014-11-14 13.25.17

Initially I have three versions:

1. A plain bag (no embroidery or printed logo) – Price £16
2. A bag embroidered with Japanese kanji for the word ‘aikido’ – Price £21 (sold out for now)
3 A bag with the Aiki Extensions logo printed on it – Price £21

2014-11-14 13.14.49 2014-11-14 13.13.23

All prices are inclusive of postage and assume purchase in the UK. If from outside the UK, the only difference is the postage cost. (I think they will make a nice gift). If there was any interest, I would be happy to maybe send a bulk order to cut down on cost.

They can be printed or embroidered with any logo, but it costs a bit to get the initial set up for every logo, so only good value if you are ordering a number of bags.

I have tested them for colour fastness and when put through the washing machine I am pleased to report that the white handkerchief inserted came out as white as when it went in.

The bags are made of a tough and durable material and seal with a Velcro strip.

All proceeds will be donated to Aiki Extensions to support the good work that they do, (

Contact Quentin Cooke on to purchase these items.

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