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British Aikido Board
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The BAB National Course 2007 held at Bisham Abbey was a great success although the mat was quite crowded it just showed us how people attended this very enjoyable course.

BAB National Course 2007

BAB National Course 2007

The course coaches for the day were:-

Terry Bayliss 7th dan – Seijitsu Aikido Ryu,
Don Morgan 5th dan – British Aikido Federation,
Wasyl Kolesnikov 6th dan – Kolesnikov School of Mind & Body Development with Aikido,
Tony Yates 7th dan – British Yoshinkan Aikido Federation,
Paul Barker 6th dan – Aikido Circle,
Bill Harris 6th dan – Kai Shin Kai.

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Photos by Steve Billet & Paul Jones of the Aikido Development Society and Mick Irving of the Kai Shin Kai

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