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British Aikido Board

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British Aikido Board National Course 2008

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre – Saturday 27th September 2008bab2008

The BAB National Course 2008 held at Bisham Abbey was once again a successful our thanks go out to the organisers.


Instructors of the day were the following :-

[su_button url=”″]Davinder Bath[/su_button] Davinder Bath 5th Dan British Aikikai

[su_button url=””]Clive McDowell[/su_button] Clive McDowell 4th Dan Aikido Kobayashi

[su_button url=””]Quentin Cooke[/su_button] Quentin Cooke 5th Dan Aikido for Daily Life

[su_button url=””]Gordon Jones[/su_button] Gordon Jones 6th Dan UK Aikikai

[su_button url=””]Vince Hammond[/su_button] Vincent Hammond 4th Dan Institute of Aikido

Brian Stockwell 7th Dan Tenchi Ryu (Sorry your session was to interesting to photograph)

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Photos by Brian Stockwell of the Tenchi Ryu,  Mick Irving of the Kai Shin Kai Stephen Billett of the Aikido Development Society

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