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British Aikido Board

Aikido was the first in 100 Sports in 100 Days.


100 Different Sports in 100 Consecutive Days! That’s the challenge i’ve taken on!

Why?  To inspiring the public to find their perfect sport while also raising money for Sport Relief 2016!  My VIDEO ‘About 100 Sports in 100 Days’ you can WATCH HERE

Do you remember the first time you discovered that excitement and inspiring sense of flow you feel when in the zone in your favourite sport?  I want to showcase the huge variety of sport available in the UK – so that everyone can find the sport which gives them that feeling.

I took on Aikido as the 1st of my 100 sports; the video diary from which I wanted to share with you:



Lui at Aikido

My ambition is to provide practical info to anyone following and inspired by my challenge, and who wishes to try any of the sports for themselves. Therefore I’d be happy to promote details of any events or clubs wishing to recruit new members on the 100 Sports in 100 Days pages – so please feel free to share this email and my details.

I am excited by the possibility that my 100 Sports in 100 Days challenge may inspire others to find their hidden passion, and maybe even hidden talent, in a sport they may not have previously considered.


Liu Batchelor

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